Strategies in Regulated Markets (SiRM)

Each year the news magazine Elsevier publishes a ranking of Dutch hospitals, based upon around 1400 indicators. The research is done by SiRM and the final rankings are presented in the magazine targeting the consumer. However health professionals wanted to gain insight into these rankings and more importantly learn how they could improve their hospitals service.

All the dutch hospitals are included

Zolabo has worked with SiRM for several years now to convert their research into an interactive tool. It provide role based access and access for both desktop and tablet views. We have used a sunburst diagram to give medical professionals insight into how the scores is determined. This way you can easily identify the points of concern and drill down to get more details.

There are several ways of comparing scores, which include comparing with other hospitals or seeing progress in time. An export feature is also available, which gives you the raw data, or a nice formatted PDF report. All the images can also be exported so they can easily be used in presentations.

Quality of a hispital through 1400 indicators

GGz Nederland

Zolabo also collaborated with SiRM in creating an app for the Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care (GGz Nederland). The "GGz Triagewijzer" is an app for smartphones and tablets. It helps professionals in mental healthcare to identify what help a patient needs and how urgently. The app is used as pilot and has been showcased to the minister of healthcare as an example of the steps being taken to improve mental healthcare.

GGz Triagewijzer

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